5 Steps to a Healthy Home

5 Steps to a Healthy Home

Healthy  Home 2012, a designer showhouse that proves that green and healthy  can be stylish, opened last week in Lincoln Park. We asked one of the project’s  organizers, Victoria Di Iorio, for some easy tips to make our homes healthier  now. Read more about Ms. Di Iorio and her crusade for healthier homes  here.

1. Cut out the chemicals: When taking on a home remodeling project, or even a  simple paint touch-up, look for products that won’t release harsh chemicals into  the air. That means paints and adhesives marked “low VOC,” formaldehyde-free  insulation and drywall, and water-based stains and finishes.

2. Go Greenguard: Certification by the Greenguard Environmental Institute is  considered the gold standard within the green building industry. Buying  Greenguard-certified sealants or flooring ensures that the product has been  screened for more than 10,000 chemicals. A complete listing of certified  products is here.

3. Let the outside In: The air we breathe inside our homes is often less  healthy than what’s outside, according to the EPA. Make sure you’re getting  fresh air year-round by cracking windows, running exhaust fans or installing an  energy-efficient ventilation system.

4. Live fragrance-free: The super-powered lemon or floral scent found in many  candles and cleaning products comes from not-so-natural ingredients such as  petroleum. Switch to cleansers without artificial fragrances.

5. Suck it up: Dust that settles on a carpet or couch can contain remnants of  the fire-retardant chemicals that are used in so many household products, while  front-hall mats are a collecting ground for allergen-triggers that visitors  bring in on their shoes. Frequent vacuuming of all floor coverings and  upholstered pieces will help clear the air.

Elizabeth Blackwell

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Hillary Deck, Associate Real Estate Broker – Gramata Realty Group


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