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Going Green in Hospitals

Green Tech, Eco-Friendly Waste Initiatives, and More

green tech and hospitals

Hospitals and health care facilities, as anyone might imagine, are at the vanguard when it comes to implementing green tech to better the environment and reduce the costs associated with the medical industry. So if you are hard at work in a hospital environment, what possibilities are there for healthcare initiatives that create a “greener” environment?

Let’s say you’re a nurse, recently graduated with a masters degree in nursing, and you’ve finally landed the perfect job in the hospital of your choosing. Or you’re a doctor, fresh out of medical school and walking the halls of your hospital home. In either case, you’re an environmentally conscious individual, committed to reducing your carbon footprint and thinking with an eco-sensitive attitude. What is being done in hospitals around the country to reduce medical waste, cut energy use, implement solar power, and become more green? Continue reading →

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